Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Chapter 2 - Lesson 1

If you would like to listen to Chapter 2 - Lesson 1 
"The 5 Themes of Geography" 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Current Event & Study For Test

Current Event & Study For Test

Find a Current Event on this website

On a sheet of paper you need to include....
-Date of Article
-4-6 Sentences describing the article tell me why this article was interesting. 

Hand In When Finished!!

5 Points - Extra Credit

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Landform Test Review

Landform Test Review

What you need to know for the test Wednesday!!

  1. The 19 or 10 landforms
  2. Label the compass rose
  3. Know where the Equator is
  4. Know where the Prime Meridian is. 
  5. Locate and label the 7 Continents
  6. Locate and label the 4 major oceans.

Continents & Oceans

 GeoQuiz - Continents game. Click the continent!

Oceans & Continents game.     (click link above)

Drag the continent names to the correct land.     (click link above)

Drag the continent & ocean name to their correct spot.     (click link above)

Continents and Oceans Quiz     (click link above)

Geography Oceans and Continents Game - Drag and Drop     (click link above)

Today you will use the following links to review for your landform test Thursday. 

Use Firefox for the Quia Review!!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Landform - Google Presenation

Landform - Google Presentation        

Create a NEW Google Presentation

Name it “Last Name – Period #”     

Share with Mr. Copeland ""

Title Page (Landforms, first & last name, & a picture)

19 Landform Slides
         On each of the slides include….
·      Name of landform (spelled correctly)
·      At least one picture of the landform
·      Complete definition from Atlas

Pick one of the following popular landforms to include in your presentation.  Use at least 2 slides for share your information.
·      Picture of the landform
·      State or states where located
·      2 interesting facts about that landform

Overview of #of Slides
Title Slide – 1 Slide
Landform Slides – 19 slides
Popular Landform Slides – 2 slides

Total – 22 slides

Grand Canyon
Death Valley

Rocky Mountains

Adirondack Mountains

The Great Lakes

Mississippi River

Smoky Mountains

Black Hills 

Mt. Whitney

The Great Salt Lake
Crater Lake

Monday, October 5, 2015

Science Field Day Posttest

Science Field Day Post Test 

Click Here To Take The Post Test ----> Science Field Day Post Test

Landform Definition Practice

Landform Definition Practice

When you are done with your assignment you can use the following links to study for your landform test.

Quizlet - 19 definitions (Flashcards and other games)
Quia - 19 definitions (Battleship Format)

Quizlet - 10 definitions (Flashcards and other games)
Quia - 10 definitions (Battleship Format)

Monday, September 28, 2015

GPS vs Compass

GPS vs Compass

In a paragraph: (5-7 sentences)

- describe the video
 -what were they testing
-what result they did they come up with

Click Here ---> GPS vs Compass Video