Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Geographer's Tools

A Geographer's Tools

Geographer's use maps and globes to learn about and display the features of Earth. 

Watch the following videos and answer the following questions.

1. What does a cartographer do? 
2. Why do cartographers use a compass rose?


3. What are the three types of maps? 
4. What do physical maps show us? 
5. What do political maps show us? 
6. What is the purpose of a thematic map? 
7. Give two examples of a thematic map? 
8. Name the four major map components.


BrainPOP - Map Skills

Sunday, October 26, 2014

5 Themes of Geography - Fairfield

5 Themes of Geography
Using the five themes of geography complete a study of your hometown, Fairfield. You will use the pictures on the Google Presentation given to you and you will use the knowledge from your personal experiences. The Google Presentation has been organized by theme and includes pictures from Fairfield and the Fairfield area.

Please answer the questions for each theme in this packet.  One person in your group will be the recorder and will turn in a packet for your group. One person will be the laptop controller and will assist their partner in completing this assignment.

Click on the picture below to open the Google Presentation

You will need permission first before opening. 
5 Themes of Geography Packet for Google Read & Write

Thursday, October 23, 2014

5 Themes of Geography & Vocabulary

5 Themes of Geography & Vocabulary

Once you have finished your assignment. You may play this 5 Themes of Geography Battleship review game on Quia

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Google Read & Write Lesson

Google Read & Write Lesson

Today you will learn how to use a new web tool called Google Read and Write.

There are many benefits to using Google Read & Write and we are going to go through some of those today. 

Google Presentation with Google Read & Write 
Information and Directions
 Google Read & Write Presentation

Click on the link below for a sample document to practice our Google Read and Write skills.
Great Lakes? Not For Long

Monday, October 13, 2014

Landform Test Review

Landform Test Review

What you need to know for the test Thursday!!

  1. The 19 or 10 landforms
  2. Label the compass rose
  3. Know the 4 hemispheres
  4. Know where the Equator is
  5. Know where the Prime Meridian is. 
  6. Locate and label the 7 Continents
  7. Locate and label the 4 major oceans.

Continents & Oceans

Continents game. Click the continent!     (click link above)
Oceans & Continents game.     (click link above)
Drag the continent names to the correct land.     (click link above)
Drag the continent & ocean name to their correct spot.     (click link above)
Continents and Oceans Quiz     (click link above)
Geography Oceans and Continents Game - Drag and Drop     (click link above)

Today you will use the following links to review for your landform test Thursday. 

Use Firefox for the Quia Review!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Landform Travel Poster

Landform Travel Poster

Pick one of these United States Landforms to create a Landform Travel Poster. 

Use the links given to find the information for your poster.

There are maps attached for each landform.  You need to draw the state where your landform is located, use a symbol to show it's location, and label it with the name of your landform. 

Grand Canyon
Death Valley

Rocky Mountains

Adirondack Mountains

The Great Lakes

Mississippi River

Smoky Mountains

Black Hills 

Mt. Whitney

The Great Salt Lake
Crater Lake