Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Student Connection Survey - 2014

Student Connection Survey - 2014

Today you will take a Student Connection Survey for Mrs. Atwood and Mrs.Mosinski.

Please read the questions carefully and answer them honestly.

Click Here ---> Student Connection Survey

When you are finished, you can watch Channel One and play Social Studies games off the Social Studies Blog.

Click Here--->Wednesday's Channel One 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Latitude & Longitude Practice

Latitude & Longitude Practice

Here are some links for you to practice your Latitude and Longitude skills. 

Continents & Oceans

Continents game. Click the continent!     (click link above)

Oceans & Continents game.     (click link above)

Drag the continent names to the correct land.     (click link above)

Drag the continent & ocean name to their correct spot.     (click link above)

Continents and Oceans Quiz     (click link above)

World Interactive Scavenger Hunt     (click link above)

Geography Oceans and Continents Game - Drag and Drop     (click link above)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Welcome to the 6th Grade Social Studies Blog!

Welcome to the 6th Grade Social Studies Blog!

This blog will be used to post assignments and information for our 6th Grade Social Studies class.

To start off the year, we will be taking a Pre-Test to see how much you know about Geography and Map Skills.

To take the Pre-Test you will need to log into the Quia website. Use the username and password that is located on the inside cover of your assignment journal. 

To take the Pre-Test click on the link below.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

End Of The Year Survey & Amazon Rainforest

End Of The Year Survey & Amazon Rainforest

First you will take a End of the Year Survey 
for Mr. Copeland. Please answer the survey questions honestly!

When you are finished with the survey you will use the links below to learn some information about the Amazon Rainforest.  Answer the questions on your sheet and then hand it in when you are finished. 

Amazon Links

You can try this game to learn more about the Amazon when you are finished with your assignment.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

South America Country Project

South America Country Project
Today you will begin to research parts of South America.
You will choose two countries to research and create an online project or a poster.

Once you have selected two countries from the list below, you can begin to research. Use the links below for your research.

Below you will find the requirements for your projects. You can choose an online project (Google Presentation or Prezi), or a poster.

Check the requirements/checklist for what is needed.

1 Title Slide - 10 Slides Per Country = 21 Slides
Online Project Options
Google Presentation
Prezi (if you have used it before)

If you do a poster, you will put one country on one half, and the other country on the other half of your poster paper. 

Research Links
Remember you are researching 2 countries!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Chichen Itza & The Panama Canal

Chichen Itza & The Panama Canal

As we study Central America, Chichen Itza and the Panama Canal are two of the most interesting places to visit and study from this region.

When you are finished with your assignments, watch the two videos that are posted below.  When you are done watching the videos, I would like for you to open Google Earth, type in the locations, and explore the locations.

Chichen Itza - Video

Panama Canal - Video

For Fun - As Shown on CNN News 5/19/14
Katherine The Shark Tracking Information