Sunday, June 1, 2014

End Of The Year Survey & Amazon Rainforest

End Of The Year Survey & Amazon Rainforest

First you will take a End of the Year Survey 
for Mr. Copeland. Please answer the survey questions honestly!

When you are finished with the survey you will use the links below to learn some information about the Amazon Rainforest.  Answer the questions on your sheet and then hand it in when you are finished. 

Amazon Links

You can try this game to learn more about the Amazon when you are finished with your assignment.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

South America Country Project

South America Country Project
Today you will begin to research parts of South America.
You will choose two countries to research and create an online project or a poster.

Once you have selected two countries from the list below, you can begin to research. Use the links below for your research.

Below you will find the requirements for your projects. You can choose an online project (Google Presentation or Prezi), or a poster.

Check the requirements/checklist for what is needed.

1 Title Slide - 10 Slides Per Country = 21 Slides
Online Project Options
Google Presentation
Prezi (if you have used it before)

If you do a poster, you will put one country on one half, and the other country on the other half of your poster paper. 

Research Links
Remember you are researching 2 countries!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Chichen Itza & The Panama Canal

Chichen Itza & The Panama Canal

As we study Central America, Chichen Itza and the Panama Canal are two of the most interesting places to visit and study from this region.

When you are finished with your assignments, watch the two videos that are posted below.  When you are done watching the videos, I would like for you to open Google Earth, type in the locations, and explore the locations.

Chichen Itza - Video

Panama Canal - Video

For Fun - As Shown on CNN News 5/19/14
Katherine The Shark Tracking Information

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Central America & Caribbean Research

Central America & Caribbean Research

Today you will begin to research four countries found in Central America and the Caribbean.

You will chose four countries from the list below. All Central American countries are listed but not all of the Caribbean countries are.

Central American Countries

Caribbean Countries

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Create A Stamp - Mexico

Create A Stamp - Mexico

Today you will create a stamp for the country of Mexico. When creating a stamp you want it to be colorful and attractive and to represent a piece of Mexican culture.  

Create A Stamp - Mexico Google Presentation with Examples

Websites for Samples/Ideas for Stamps
Mexico Tourism

Tourism in Mexico

Top 10 Tourist Attractions 

WikiTravel - Mexico

Travel Mexico

Mexico - National Geographic

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Current Event Day

Current Event Day

Today you will need to find one current event from DogoNews. 

For your current event you need to tell me the...
Write a paragraph describing the article (5-7 sentences)
In the paragraph tell me why you choose that article. 
Click Here ---> DOGO News

When you are finished with your current event...

1)Hand it in
2) Finish Mexico Webquest (if needed)
3) Watch Channel One
4) Read a Book
5)Work on Homework
6) Quietly play a game

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mexico Webquest

Don't Forget Cinco de Mayo is

If you would like to wear red, green, and white you can! If you have a sombrero you can wear it too! 

Today you will start a web quest of Mexico!
You will use the links below to find the information for your web quest!!

You will begin your study of Mexico with geography. Follow the link and use the map to learn about places to visit in Mexico. Read and answer the questions on your webquest guide.

2.. FOOD
One of the best parts of any culture is the food. Like all countries, Mexico has many interesting and different foods. Use any of the following links to learn more about Mexican food. Don't forget to read and answer the webquest guide questions.

Now that you have "sampled" some of the foods of Mexico you will need to explore Mexico's climate (types of weather)


Do you know what each color on the Mexican flag represents? Use the links below to find out about the Mexican flag. Read and answer the questions on your webquest guide. 
Scroll down in the following link to view information about the Mexican flag.

Follow the link to use the currency converter to answer the questions on your webquest guide. Convert dollars into pesos.;to=MXN;amt=1

Knowing some important phrases in Spanish will be important for travelers. Use the following link to learn a few key phrases.

7MORE DISCOVERIES: Use the links below to learn more about Mexico. Write three new things you learned. For example, you might learn about Mexico's natural resources or how many states it has. You may learn about the history of Mexico or animals in Mexico.